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Mizuno Pro Select Infield Baseball Glove 11.75"

Throws With

The Mizuno Pro Select Infield Baseball Glove 11.75" combines the rich heritage of the Mizuno Pro series with advanced glove scans of hundreds of professionals to create pocket designs tailored specifically to each position and how players prefer to break-in their glove.

This unique approach to glove design allows for all players to shape their glove like a pro for an incredibly natural fit and feel.

Made with top-quality US Steerhide leather that is firm, incredibly durable, and will form to your hand perfectly as you break it in.

Right Hand: (RHT) Glove goes on the left hand, throws with the right hand.
Left Hand: (LHT) Glove goes on the right hand, throws with the left hand.

  • US Steerhide Leather: Premium US Steerhide is firm and built to hold up to the rigors of a full season.
  • Comfortable, hand based patterns: Sets your pocket under the web and helps to shape your glove like a pro.
  • Player Pocket Designs: Pockets tailored specifically to the player's needs and how they prefer to break-in their glove. Recommendations: Shallow: Middle Infielders. Regular: All. Deep: Shortstops and 3B.
  • Durable Grip Palm Liner: New embossed, full grain leather palm liner providing added grip for better glove control while making tough plays
  • Thumb slot: Provides additional comfort and a solid, secure fit.

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