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June 11, 2019 3 min read

PowerNet is a relatively new name in Australia, yet enormously popular in the USA where the company was founded. There are plenty of imitation, non-genuine, look-a-like products on the market, but the quality and testing measures do not compare that of PowerNet.

"PowerNet is a relatively new name in Australia, yet enormously popular in the USA where the company was founded."

Some ball sports require two people to practice. Athletes who choose basketball, soccer, and most goal sports can usually get by with just themselves and a hoop or goal or wall, but what about baseball players?

Fortunately, there are options to give tired parents and easily annoyed older siblings a break. PowerNet provides a variety of options for baseball, softball, soccer, lacrosse, and cricket players, even golfers, to work on their game without a second set of hands. Even more importantly, they provide the durability and ease of setup that your not-so-young shoulder and knee joints now lack.

PowerNet 5x5 Net
PowerNet 5x5 Training Net with Strike Zone Attachment (pitching targets sold separately)


Why PowerNet?

Some companies settle for testing with lesser athletes or white lab coats that you just know have never seen the field of play. PowerNet partners with MLB professionals to develop the highest quality products to help you train at the highest level.

Working with professional athletes also means taking the fuss and wasted time out of setting up such gear. Not only do they provide the most durable, highest performance-rated equipment, it’s also easy to take with you and set up and take down.

PowerNet 8x8 & Barrier Net
PowerNet 8x8 Hitting Net and Barrier Net


What They Offer

The company was originally formed to develop and sell high-quality baseball training products. They offer the PowerNet DLX 2.0 Baseball and Softball Hitting Net System, which comes with an attachable strike zone for pitching practice, and three progressively weighted balls to build strength in your swing.

The bow frame is designed to flex with each impact, and it’s lightweight construction makes it easy to pack up and carry wherever you need to train next.

You’ll find the same ease of setup and lightweight construction with all of their products, such as the Infielder Training Net. It promotes strong, accurate throws and a healthy follow-through, everything infielders need to get the throw to first before the kid with the flashy cleats and loud dad gets down the line.

"lightweight construction makes it easy to pack up and carry wherever you need to train next."
PowerNet I-Screen & Ball Caddy
PowerNet I-Screen & Ball Caddy


Multiple Sports

PowerNet doesn’t just cater to baseball and softball players. Golfers, soccer and lacrosse players and cricket players can join in on the fun, too. The PowerNet 10x7 Golf Practice Net. Solid fiberglass poles keep good tension on the net and the width makes sure that each shot is caught safely.

Just like all PowerNet products, it sets up and takes down easily. This system can also be used for other sports and anyone looking to get a few reps in while their usual throwing partner is losing at Fortnite.

They also offer the Barrier Net System in 12x9 and 21.5x11.5 sizes. This is key for any sport that could be susceptible to missed shots, errant throws, or foul balls. Spectator safety is a hot topic particularly in MLB right now, but every level could use more protection as long as Instagram and nachos are more important than the game at hand.


Last Word

Save yourself time, trouble, and broken windows. PowerNet offers various options to keep the athlete in the home up and training, and you focused on getting ready for the next game or reflecting on when you could throw a pigskin over them mountains.

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