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PowerNet Portable Defender for Soccer | Portable Soccer Net

Position a PowerNet Portable Defender anywhere on the field or court to act as an opposing contender while working on developmental drills. The Defender provides a realistic simulation during practice which helps prepare a player for game time.

  • 77" x 23” DEFENDER – The PowerNet Portable Defender training mannequin replicates a real life defender and lets you visualize your opponent. Use multiple defenders to simulate different scenarios such as a double team or a wall.
  • EASY QUICK SETUP – The Defender sets up in minutes with no tools needed. Ground stakes are included so you can add stability to the net. The Defender is sturdy and can take the hardest accidental shot or pass.
  • ULTRA PORTABLE - The PowerNet defender is ultra-portable allowing you to move it with ease anywhere on the field or court during your practice or training session. The Defender can be taken apart and fits into the included heavy-duty zippered carrying bag. It can easily fit in any vehicle.
  • TRAIN ANYWHERE – The Defender is perfect for team or solo training and works great for training sessions held inside or outside. The Defender helps you sharpen your shooting, passing and dribbling accuracy. With the defender players can simulate specific game situations whether it's passing around a defender, dribbling or moving off ball around a defender or taking a shot over or around a defender.